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Serious Donkey Butts get Pounded Hard


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Serious donkey butts get pounded hard. If big booty girls are your thing then you are not alone. 40OzBounce has the big asses you have ever seen. These girls got big round bubble butts and all they want to do is get fucked hard. I love watching these big ass girls bend over and take a big cock. If you’re like me then you will enjoy it very much too. Don’t be fooled by those sites claiming to have the best in urban ass. Take a look on the asses on these two bitches and decide for yourself.

Donkey asses only

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40OzBounce is known for recruiting the baddest bitches. Why can’t I fuck two sexy big booty girls like these two? These girls are hard to find but 40OzBounce has weekly updates of big booty girls getting fucked hard. I would love to stick my dick between those two heavenly ass cheeks. I have looked everywhere to find big booty girls getting pounded and 40OzBounce is the only place that feeds my addiction. I think you should check them out because asses this big and round are hard to find, trust me! 40OzBouncebig has booty girls from everywhere and they can only be found here!

Gangster whore bends over for her big daddy

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This gangster girl falls victim to the 40OzBounce Crew and has to bend over to take it deep. When these girls slip out of lines they need to be put back in their rightful places, bend over, on their knees, and pounded hard with a big cock. These gangster girls will think twice before stepping out of line again. There apple bottoms gets split in two and cheer each other for moral support as they get there big asses smashed. This is what 40OzBounce is all about, booze and bitches with big donkey asses getting drilled!

Horny Devils with big asses

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This horny little bastard is going to get his very wicked way with these big booty girls, and he’s a luck son of a bitch. I wish i had the opportunity to get behind some of these babes and give them a good, horny ass fucking, because it’s quite clearly what they need! 40OzBounce provide me with all the big ass babes i want in my life, and i don’t have to pay for any drinks or make them breakfast! That’s what i call getting your big black ass bitches and fucking them! You just wait until you see how this movie unfolds.

Black Babes big all over!

You think you can take these girls on?

WOW! That’s all i can say really, there are no good words to use are there? These big booty girls are big all over aren’t they? They love to show off. Just look at the way they’re letting their big black asses sag over those panties that are clearly much to small to hold their weight! Well, i suppose if you’re going to have a big black ass then you may as well show it off in a pair of the tiniest panties you can get away with; especially when you’re appearing on 40OzBounce. Enjoy yourself!

Great black babe in blue

This black cutie needs you!

I’ve seen some underwear in the past, and i’ve seen some real sexy lingerie, but never before have i seen a black babe with a nice big ass, look so good in lingerie like this. Usually a black babe like this looks better off when she’s completely naked and bent over, but i actually prefer this shot to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, i still want to nail her big black ass with my hard cock, in the same way that i want to do all big booty girls, it’s just that this babe requires a little savouring. Check her out now on 40OzBounce

Double decker ass fuck!

Two is more than enough for any man!

It looks as though the combined length of these two big booty girls is a little too much for our stud here in this picture on the left doesn’t it? He hasn’t even got enough steam in his pipes to blow his load of jizz across the first big black ass, never mind the second one. Perhaps if he’d done it the other way around like the picture on the right. He could have shot his load on the top ass and let it run down onto the bottom one and got them both without a problem! These two babes are from 40OzBounce and they are willing to please you all the time, any time!

Fun in the sun with big booty

There’s always room for one more!

This guy must get a real kick out of his job. He gets to throw water all over the big booty girls and then fuck them senseless! Imagine getting yourself all messed up with these girls, wouldn’t that be something else? Well if my high school education taught me anything it taught me that a man has only got one dick, so in that case, this guy can only fuck one of these big asses at any time. I wonder if there’s room for one more on the set of this lovely, big ass porno? You can see a load more of these babes with big asses at 40OzBounce

Predator and his big booty babes

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Dont’ ask me what the fuck the Predator Alien is doing with these big booty girls, perhaps he’s finally met his match! I know i wouldn’t want to take them on in a fight, that’s for sure! However, he might just want a bit of human action, and having seen 40OzBounce on his home planet he may have just decided to get on down to earth to bury his alien dick into some big black babes! Well you need to go easy on these babes Mr. Predator (what else am i gonna call him?), because we might want to use them again, ok?

Pounded Black Asshole

Get up to your nuts in black ass right now!

What i wouldn’t give to have my cock in that tight looking asshole! Her ass might be big but her asshole is nice and tight, and it’s sure to make this guy shoot his jizz all over her massive globe like ass cheeks. 40OzBounce can give you everything you need when it comes to ass fetish, and more so big black ass fetish. You simply can’t get the big booty girls to quit once they get stripping and fucking! Well, let’s be honest now, would we really want them to? NO, i’d like to sit all day and watch them fuck.

Black Ass in Stockings


You want to get a smile like this guy?

There’s no wonder this guy is smiling, he gets to fuck this big black ass. I think i’d have a smile on my face a mile long if i got withing inches of this fat ass babe; the closest i get it on 40OzBounce. These big booty girls just love to put a smile on the faces of the guys lucky enough to fuck them. This guy is getting extra special treatment here, just look at the way that this black babe is holding her big ass apart so that he can bury his big cock in her pussy. She’s dedicated to providing excellent quality porno, you can tell.

Big Booty Gets Fucked


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I can’t believe just how horny this big assed black bitch looks on that red sofa. The way she’s pulling down that sexy g-string is so great! Those panties may as well be a piece of dental floss when you see them in stark contrast to that big black ass! 40OzBounce brings you the best in black ass worship, and you’ll find these two big booty girls on there doing a variety of black ass porno shoots. Who the hell is the lucky guy who gets to fuck these babes anyway? I want to change my job.

Big Ass Lingerie

Come and get these big asses out folks!

It’s pretty hard to get asses this big inside the photo. If there’s one thing you can guarantee with big booty girls it’s never being able to get a lens wide enough for their asses! You should try getting these big black ass sluts into a tiny little thumbnail picture too! I must confess it was lots of fun though. The girls on 40OzBounce have all got enormously large asses and they are all gagging to be fucked hard from behind while you slap their cheeks! Imagine all that lovely flesh wobbling around when you smack it; makes you hard huh?

Boobs or Butts?

You can get to see both of these babes right now!

So which is it guys? Boobs or butts? I know that i love boobs, and before i discoverd 40OzBounce i didn’t like anything else in the porn world. Now i’ve discovered these big booty girls i simply can’t go back. Although when i look at this picture it does make me think back to the old boob man days. So with this in mind i have decided that personally, if i was faced with these two wonderful mounds of flesh to jizz all over, i’d have to try and coat both of them at the same time. Half my load on the boobs and the other half on the tits!

Big Black Ass Porn Pros


These girls will make you shoot your jizz all over their asses

What is it about those big shiny asses that does it for me every single time i see them? When i see all that flesh glistening in the sunlight it brings me memories of big booty girls on the beach in their bikinis and the way i would watch as their girlfriends rubbed sun tan lotion into those enormous globes of flesh! How i always long for the summer months to arrive quickly so i can get to the beach! There are only a select few of us out there who actually worship these big black booty babes in this way, and you can find the others over at 40OzBounce.

Big Ass Party Time!

Wanna party with the big girls?

Now when you see these two big ass black babes in this movie you’ll be sure to never go back to some skinny bitch! Big booty girls have a way of making you feel as though you’re special. They don’t share their big asses with just anyone you know. The picture on the right is stunning, and those ass cheeks look like a giant pair of boobs being forced out of a tight top don’t they? It’s only when you actually look up and see her friends boobs that you can tell the difference! 40OzBounce has all the black booty you can handle folks!

Juicy Big Black Ass

You want some big black asses that taste just fine?

Now if anything is needed to make these big black asses taste any better then it has to be some juice! Can you imagine what these babes taste like now with that sweet liquid thrown all over their ass? Very juicy indeed! These big booty girls love doing whatever they can to please, and if that means coating their ass in orange juice, then they’ll certainly do it without question. For more and more big black ass babes simply go and check them out for free on 40OzBounce; this is where you’ll find the very best!

Big Ass, Black Beauties

We know you like them big!

Wow! I don’t think that Scooby here has ever had it so good! He’s licking that big, bad, black ass booty like a crazy dog! When it comes to big booty girls like this, then these two have to take the first prize every time; I honestly don’t think that i’ve seen such big black asses in my entire life. What is it about black babes anyway that make them genetically predisposed to getting big asses? We’re not complaining, merely wondering. Go along to 40OzBounce and get a nice close up look at some of the biggest and best booty you’ll ever see.